Al Khaleej Newspaper published an advertisement about Maria Medical Technologies’ support for Palestinian students in collaboration with the Big Heart Foundation.

In cooperation with the “Big Heart Foundation,” Maria Medical Technology supports the education of students with special needs in Palestine. Maria Medical Technology allocates a percentage of its monthly proceeds and restores hope to children with special needs by providing scholarships to support their education at the Great Heart School for the Deaf in Palestine.

The Big Heart Foundation aims to safeguard the rights and improve the lives of vulnerable children and families worldwide, particularly in the Arab region. They provide grants to organizations and institutions working with children in vulnerable situations, as well as support projects that aim to deliver basic health care services, essential educational supplies, and emergency aid to children and their families. We Maria Medical Technology also became a part of the big heart foundations effort to make the welfare of the Palestine students with special needs. We work with such organizations and support groups to support the youth and their education.

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