Maria Medical Technology is a growing up innovative aesthetic device development establishment in Sharjah, UAE, started in the 2019 year. In 2022, Now Maria Medical Technology hit the road to Internship training with its diverse technological Internship programs. As a manufacturer of Aesthetic Devices and Medical Cobots by integrating AI and robotics into the medical aesthetic industry, we are elated to share the expertise Maria medical technology has gained from its extensive experience with the interns who are interested to join us in our innovation center. We are focused on designing adaptable and collaborative robots that come along with the aesthetic devices to ease the treatment system as well as increase accuracy. We design and program medical cobot arms and incorporate them with laser devices.

At Maria Medical Technology several preparatory and specialized courses are offered for graduates and eligible professionals. It is an interdisciplinary hub welcoming ingenious minds from different cultures, ethnicities, and abilities where students and professionals from all around the world can learn or attend our Basic Training programs and workshops. At Maria Medical Technology you can experience, explore and experiment with Robotics, AI, and medical device technologies. Here, you can gain hands-on experience in the design, integration, manufacturing, and operation of robots in our fully functional and advanced multi-scale Robotics lab.

You will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with 3D printing technology and learn about its future possibilities. We are also offering the basics of Laser hair therapy, laser physics.  After completing the basics and training, you will have the confidence and skills to work in any medical and technological setting! You will get a wide variety of opportunities in the field of medical device technology, AI, additive manufacturing, and so on. 

Discover Internship opportunities and the Technology development program!

At MMT, we need top talent to accomplish a mission as big as ours. We are committed to ensuring our mission is as successful as possible.

Maria Medical Technology offers a wide range of internship programs that provide Interns with opportunities to develop their capabilities and contribute to their ideas, in support of our company’s mission to shape the future of Aesthetic industry. At MMT, we encourage innovation, support employee development, and recognize talent and excellence. Our student interns are valued and we believe that we learn as much from them as they do from us.

The Internship Program offers a core curriculum that fosters the development of technological skills and techniques that are critical to success in all MMT businesses. The program prepares candidates for a successful career in AI, Robotics and medical device technology by providing the opportunity to learn about our products, industry, and customers while simultaneously making valuable contributions to the organization. We want to be a part of your journey and we invite you to Experience the endless opportunities offered by Maria Medical Technology.

Our parent company Maria Trading is the house of aesthetics and are pioneering the aesthetic device supply industry from the last 17 years. Maria Trading Sharjah, UAE is a major trendy machine provider in the UAE, with branches in seven emirates as well as Iraq and Oman. Maria Trading is the foremost and one of the leading distributors in the category of world-renowned Laser Devices, Mesotherapy, skincare products, Aesthetic products, medical devices, and other dermatology equipment.

Maria Trading established Maria Medical Technology as a division and enters into the field of AI & Robotics. Maria Medical Technology is at the forefront of technological development within aesthetic device manufacturing by ensuring quality medical cobots. We have evolved modern design that benefits advanced aesthetic medical device technology and offers ultimate accuracy and flexibility. We are focusing on expanding our global footprints through our excellent innovative technology research solutions. Since our founding, we have been ideating, exploring, designing, testing, and developing new solutions.  We are continuing our auspicious journey.

Maria Medical Technology is an inventor of considerable medical equipment by integrating AI and Robotics. Maria Medical Technology has released an automated, artificial intelligence-based medical robot for hair removal, iLaser. We are now bringing a new range of innovative Laser and energy-based aesthetic and medical device solutions for effective treatment systems and aesthetic specialists the world over.

Recreate, test, and robotize a wide scope of cobots and control applications to propel research and inspire the future. Our cobots are designed for safe human-robot cooperation. MMT has already become part of several global showcase technology events and also inspired next-generation startups to show their latest novel technologies. We planned to begin the internship program after the facility's great success and client demand.



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We're working hard to build a supportive and diverse environment where you can grow professionally and make a positive impact on our community. We conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical, professional, and organizational standards.


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We dedicate ourselves to excellence in technology development, research and outreach. We strive to be innovative, growing our knowledge and sharing it with others.

Diversity Inclusion

We respect each other and embrace our differences.

We're committed to creating an environment that is inclusive, supportive and respectful of all individuals. We value inclusivity, diversity and equal access to opportunities and can fully contribute to the company success.


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Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for decisions, actions, policies, and their consequences. Employees care about the company and the constituents it serves, and always act in the best interest of all players involved.


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Contribute to society and apply what we learn to improve our world. Aim for the elevation of the industry by inventing new technology solutions and strives to accelerate the growth of the economy.


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The empowerment initiative celebrates individual courage and character, with emphasis on the positive. The initiative aims to perceive their abilities and give their best.


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The pursuit of innovative ideas that could change the world. By fostering creativity and innovation, we contribute to the benefit of our communities.

We offers complete basics & in-depth knowledge of Machine learning for robotics, coding, 3D printing, Laser hair therapy and Laser physics training over various courses and procedural preparation in feel that permits participants to gain abilities through involved training from our regarded instructors. After effective finishing of training, you will get a certificate of completion just as the honor of the credit for every one of the projects.


We comprehend that the venture preparing is vital to our participants and have established a learning climate that is helpful for acquiring a full comprehension of the course themes and the capacity to be directed to secure the specialized abilities to regulate this tasteful methodology. You will learn through our innovation center the most advanced technological developments in AI and Robotics.

In this age of increasing 3D printing possibilities around the world, you will have the opportunity to learn about it and learn about the workings and technology of 3D printing machines and additive manufacturing. We are also offering Laser Hair Therapy courses. You will learn through our procedural preparing the most recent norm of laser treatment.

In the light of this basic knowledge you will gain experience working in laser centers and cosmetic clinics. You can also learn about laser physics and the basics of coding.

The internship period would be 1 month and the intern can choose any of the programs as per the interest and Intern must be a graduate and should follow company policies.

Experience the endless possibilities offered by Maria Medical Technology

All the training programs cover only basics & in-depth knowledge about the following courses:

  • Machine Learning for Robotics
  • Laser Hair Therapy
  • Laser physics
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Coding

  • A key opportunity to earn a wage and gain work experience while studying
  • The opportunity to learn on the job, work on real life projects, and apply the learning directly to your studies
  • The opportunity to be mentored by colleagues who are significantly experienced in their field
  • The opportunity to acquire career-relevant skills
  • This gratuitous internship program will help the apprentice to explore by opening up a wide variety of opportunities and having a passion for the career. The intern will get an experience certificate and the qualified intern will get a unique chance to be hired by our organization.
  • Research and Innovation Maria Medical Technology Academies are collaborative and Interdisciplinary endeavors bringing together our strengths in research, innovation and teaching to address challenging Aesthetic medical device technologies. Offering a range of Robotic training programs, laser hair therapy and research opportunities, the Maria Medical academies aim to improve us as individuals and the world around us.

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